What Smells Repel Rats?

Rodents have a very strong olfactory sense. They can smell any food in and around your house. They are ranked highly sensitive to odors, they can especially be trained to detect odors in order to save themselves from threatening situations.These rodents in your home might puncture water pipes and chew off electric wires.These little beings are always hungry because of their fast metabolism and might even try to eat wood, paper and even cloths. There are certain smells that can repel rats from entering your house.

Smells that repel rats
Due to their strong olfactory sense they can detect any smell to come to your property. Rats can cause several diseases to human beings, in which Hantavirus is most common. Rat's residue or droppings when inhaled or eaten by a human being can cause various diseases. It is best to keep them away from human beings because many have reported being bitten by rats and further get rat-bite fever. Many humans also accumulated contaminated food by rats and get various diseases. Hiring a pest controller could be effective as they are professionals and know what to do under these circumstances. The following smell can deter rats from your property.

• Peppermint oil
Peppermint oil can be used as a rat repellent. As rats have pretty high olfactory sense, and they are strongly affected by certain unfamiliar smells. Peppermint has a pungent odor that can shoo rats away. Take a cotton ball and soak it into peppermint oil and leave it where rats are living. Moreover, you can spray peppermint oil to the places where rats are infested.

• Animals that prey on rats
Rats are more scared of cats, snakes and birds that can prey on them. It is better if you have a cat as a pet, there is a chance that rats will not come to your house.

• Bleach solution
Bleach has a strong smell that is abhorrent to these rodents. In order to make your home rodent repellent, mix bleach into water to make a solution. Then spray it to the areas where rats are numerous in number. This solution also deter rats to enter into your homes.

• Ammonia
It is said that ammonia can repel rats from your house as its smell is much similar to urine. Rat’s olfactory sense is however a good gain to humans as they can get rid of them easily. Using ammonia is effective in order to deter rats.

• Vinegar
Vinegar is also said to be used as a rat repellant because of its strong smell. Its stinginess can repel rats if used in pipes and areas near rat infestation.

Hiring a professional
It is effective and important to call professionals. They not only kill them in numbers but also they rodent-proof your house for further entries. Take precautionary measures to deter their entry into your property.

Rats have many diseases and in order to rodent-proof your house it is best to clean it. Cleanliness only can prevent rats from your property. Rats are attracted to smell most likely that came from your kitchen. Any food scrape can invite these rodents into your house. If you have pets then make sure to clean their food pallets and do not let any food lay around. Make sure to keep your loved ones away from these infectious rodents.

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