Humane Bird Removal

Watching birds on the sky is a beautiful seen; watching them on the tree is also fine, but finding them into the home building can be annoying and irritating because most of them are a dangerous pest. Although barriers are one of the best deterrents to repel them, they can find another way to enter into the home like using duct or vent, and an attic window can be another way to help them, especially when they are looking for shelter in the cold. Following are some humane way you can use for the bird's removal:

Avoid poison
Removing a bird from any home can be challenging. Using poison to remove the birds can be inhumane. In most of the states, it is illegal to use the poison to kill the birds because their dead bodies will start decomposing in the next three days, and it is very harmful to the ecosystem. So we prefer to do not to think about using this method.

The following are some easy and humane steps to repel the birds.
• Are you sure the bird that you are going to remove is legal to remove? Removing a bird that is protected by the law can cause serious trouble for you, and you may have to pay for this. So we recommend you do proper research before making a plan to get rid of them. You should learn about the bird and its habitat; it will help in understanding the bird’s habits and things you can do to remove them.
• It is important to know what is attracting the bird. They may be entered into your home when something attracts them to land into your home like availability of food, water, insects, etc. remove the attractants as soon as possible like remove the water source, remove birds feeder, use home remedies or another spray that is effective to kill the insects. Keep the home and garden insects and attractants free; when they will be nothing, they will not visit your home again.
• Check out if there is any nest or eggs in it, there may be some babies in the nest, do not touch them if they are protected by the law. Wait for the next 2-3 weeks or until they did not start flying. There are chances they will leave the place when their baby birds learn how to fly?
• Birds dropping contain various diseases, so it is important to remove the nest and to drop to remove them. Remove their source of shelter, when there will be no shelter, they will move to another place. Use gloves while doing this process to avoid the germs. Anyhow, do not remove the nest if it has eggs.
• Use birds spikes around the house; it will prevent them from landing into the roof, attic, or house.
• You can use sound repellant for the removal of birds as they feel afraid of loud noises, plus this is a humane way to get rid of them.
• Use bird wires or netting around the places where you do not want to see them.

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